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Victoria Street and Buckingham Palace Road: Tuesday 2 – Tuesday 16 April 2024

From 05:00 on Tuesday 2 April until 21:00 Tuesday 16 April 2024 roadworks will be taking place at the junction of Buckingham Palace Road and Victoria Street.

The impacts are as follows:

  • Buckingham Palace Road bus stop P and coach stop 16 also closed. Operators normally using coach stop 16 should use stops R or Z5 as an alternative throughout the works.
  • Only one lane open on Buckingham Palace Road through the Victoria Street junction, offside lane three.
  • Only one lane open on Victoria Street, nearside lane one.

Please note: On Buckingham Palace Road, as Victoria Street is crossed, there is a tight manoeuvre required in order to re-join Buckingham Palace Road southbound and avoid the contra-flow bus lane (see worksite plan below). Coaches (and HGVs) have passed this location without issue.

Operators therefore have two options:

  • Remain on line of route via Buckingham Palace Road but ensure drivers take extreme care when negotiating the area around the worksite (if in doubt drivers should turn right on to Grosvenor Gardens and head back around the one way system and join the diversion below).
  • Divert via Bressenden Place and Victoria Street before re-joining Buckingham Palace Road southbound – see below.