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School Contract Rates

A survey of UKCOA members revealed that there is some disparity in how county councils are reacting to the increased fuel prices.

The following councils are known to have agreed or promised uplifts, although most have yet to actually make payments to operators.

  • Surrey County Council have agreed a 10% increase
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council are backdating a price increase to 1 April 2022 (amount unspecified)
  • LB Sutton have agreed a 5% increase to be backdated to April 2022
  • Bucks County Council have given a 3% uplift as long as DERV remains at £1.50 per litre
  • Norfolk County Council have agreed a 6 month increase capped at 14% while fuel remains at £1.50 per litre
  • Worcestershire County Council have promised a 3.4% increase  dated from 1st April
  • Northumberland County Council recognise the need to make an adjustment and are looking at options for how to make that happen
  • Durham County Council are considering several different mechanisms but uplift support is not yet finalised or approved