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World Class Coach Travel
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World Class Coach Travel
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World Class Coach Travel
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Help and Advice

Please remember this is only a guide, it does not cover every eventuality. You are the professional you must also use your knowledge, judgement and common sense. Make sure you know the restrictions, the rules, make sure you read the road signs.  


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About the Association

Become a Member

The UKCOA is the only trade association run by coach operators for coach operators.

Joining the UKCOA is easy. Membership rates range between £200 and £525 per year depending on the number of vehicles you operate and you will have access to the latest news and updates affecting your company, joining like minded members of the coach industry who want to provide the best possible service for their customers. For further information click here Join Us.

What We Do

We represent our members in key, national and local issues, such as PSVR, vehicle technology, setting down and picking up facilities and coach parking, driving standards and employment.

We promote the coach industry and it’s importance to stakeholders with an interest in transport matters generally, including local and national government.

Member Benefits

The UKCOA website has a members only section with access to compliance updates and crisis control.

With regular meetings and workshops, members newsletters, and the chance to meet those who are responsible for decision making in our industry, the UKCOA is the association to join if you want your voices as a UK coach operator to be heard.

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Disabled Peoples Right to use Coach Services.

The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) an extremely important and influential government advisory body has finally written a piece on the accessibility of coach services. Whilst acknowledging the limitations to access unique to coaches as a result in the main of the width and height of the front entrance steps DPTAC encourage, operators the Department of Transport and manufacturers to come together to find a solution to this in the short to medium term. Read more here….


Tachograph Violations

Detecting tachograph violations is getting easier. The DVSA are trialling remote tachograph sensing equipment to make it easier to detect drivers and operators who are breaking drivers’ hours rules, which has the potential to be dangerous to road users. Most operators do follow the rules, but the DVSA are still finding offences at the roadside. … Continue reading “Tachograph Violations”

Legal update to workers’ holiday entitlement

After a landmark legal case, it’s no longer just full-year workers who need 5.6 weeks’ annual holiday. You need to provide this for all staff, even if they don’t work for you every week of the year. If this ruling affects your workers, you need to change way you calculate holiday pay and leave… or … Continue reading “Legal update to workers’ holiday entitlement”

Travel by Coach to Imberbus

UKCOA member Readybus has stepped into the breach as a planned rail strike threatens to hinder the many visitors to Imber on the annual Imberbus running day on Saturday 20 August. Operating since 2009, Imberbus has grown from just five Routemaster buses running from Warminster to Imber, to an annual event linking other villages including … Continue reading “Travel by Coach to Imberbus”

Shaftesbury Avenue 22-26 August 2022

Contractors working on behalf of Thames Water will be carrying out water connection works. Shaftesbury Avenue will be closed between Piccadilly Circus and Cambridge Circus northbound only. Monday 22 August 08:00 – Friday 27 August 17:00

A4 Great West Road August – December 2022

Work is being carried out on Cromwell Road Railway Bridge, which carries the A4 Great West Road over a railway line between Chiswick Roundabout and Hogarth Roundabout. There will be a series of lane closures and full directional closures on the A4 between Chiswick roundabout and Hogarth roundabout, which will also at times affect the M4 … Continue reading “A4 Great West Road August – December 2022”

Aldwych Lane Restriction 5 August 2022

There will be a demonstration taking place opposite the Indian High Commission on Aldwych. A barrier plan will be implemented by the police and to facilitate this there will be a lane restriction on the eastbound carriageway. Friday 5 August 08:00 – 18:00

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