Gold Partner Dawsongroup

Dawsongroup bus and coach are the leading supplier of rental, leasing and sales solutions to the road passenger transport sector. Part of Dawsongroup plc, the business operates a fleet of in excess of 1500 buses and coaches, with representation in every application and vehicles of all types including minibus, welfare, service bus and coach.

We believe in the benefits of providing the highest quality and best value products and services to our clients and, have consistently invested in our asset base and our people in support of the same. We also recognise that we are part of a wider and very professional business community, that has not previously had such a weighty responsibility to deliver the economic, environmental, and social solutions in support of the needs of a recovering and evolving society.

We are engaged, and we take the responsibility to make our contribution to our profession very seriously. We are responsible, and we consider everything that the future may hold, as well as the short-term objectives that can so often distract. We are proud of our profession, its people and what it delivers in support of the everyday lives of so many. We are inspired by the passenger transport industries people, their dedication, diversity, and drive. We are Industry partner of UKCOA to help give professional support and a route to continuous development for their members.

Please get in touch if there is anything we can do to help you.

Paul Sainthouse: 07778 819557 [email protected]

Chris Mobbs: [email protected]