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Coach Parking in Frinton, Essex

Deputy Chair of Frinton Residents Association (the FRA), Dave Hamilton, has written to the UKCOA to inform the industry the town is unable to accommodate any long-term coach parking due to the town’s small size and lack of infrastructure.

Frinton welcomes coach parties, having a marked, designated coach drop-off/pickup bay, which is close to toilet facilities and nearby step-free access to the beach.

It then asks coaches to park in the neighbouring town of Walton-on-the-Naze, approximately eight minutes away. Walton has a designated coach parking area. See the local council website for more information.

Some coaches park across multiple car parking bays with their engines idling. The FRA has already written to several coach companies about this issue, although problems persist.

We want coach operators visiting villages, towns and cities across the country to be seen as good neighbours, especially where facilities for coaches have been thought through. Please do assist your drivers before they leave for the day so they know where to park.