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Bristol – Clean Air Zone Implementation

As well as Bradford’s CAZ which starts later this month Bristol is also launching its CAZ this year, commencing on Monday 28 November. They will join Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth (together with London’s Low Emission Zone) in setting emission standards for vehicles entering certain parts of the city and the surrounding area.

However, unlike Bradford, Bristol’s CAZ will also include most private cars as well as Buses, Coaches and Trucks. Charges will apply to vehicles that don’t meet the zone’s emission standards (below Euro 4 for petrol vehicles and Euro 6 for Diesel) and will use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to register all vehicles driving into and through the zone. If a vehicle does not meet the zone’s emission standards it will automatically register a charge.

Daily charges apply 24 hours a day (midnight to midnight), seven days a week, all year round when entering or driving in the zone. Because charges apply daily, you can enter or leave the zone on multiple occasions each day you pay a charge and only be charged once for that day. Charges do not apply if a vehicle is parked in the zone but does not move.

Charges for buses and coaches that do not meet the emission standards are £100 a day.

Full details of the Bristol scheme can be found here https://bit.ly/3Qowjpw and a map of the area covered by the CAZ is here https://bit.ly/3qfkK9A