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Maintenance investigations assessment guidance is being updated

Following feedback, the Maintenance Investigation Visit Reports (MIVR), which DVSA carries out to ensure operators have the right systems and facilities in place to maintain their vehicles, are changing.

The MIVR assessment guides are being combined and updated to reflect this. The guides are used by DVSA staff to help them complete the report during a site visit. These reports can be given to the Traffic Commissioners if the operator’s systems or facilities are not good enough.

Operators will always receive a copy of these reports, along with other feedback to help them improve if necessary.

There are some updates to what DVSA will be checking on MIVR visits, some of them include:

  • clear evidence walkaround checks are not carried out
  • vehicles being used with reported safety defects
  • clear evidence of poor maintenance standards resulting in safety-critical defects
  • deliberately modified emissions control systems or removal of the manufacturers emissions plate values
  • clear evidence of a tyre manufactures date code being modified or removed
  • there is no genuine link between the transport manager and the operation

DVSA recommends operators read about the changes to ensure they stay compliant.

The guide for operators on MIVR includes helpful links on improving your maintenance systems.