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Low Emission Zone for Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council has announced it will operate a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) (‘the Scheme’) in Edinburgh city centre.

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Scheme is located within an area of Edinburgh city centre, as denoted by the boundary and was introduced on 31 May 2022. A two-year grace period will apply to all with penalties issued to non-compliant vehicles from 01 June 2024. The LEZ will cover the public roads in this area but does not cover private or special roads.

Reasons for introduction of the LEZ Scheme, include:

  • Road traffic remains the main source of harmful emissions that contribute to local air pollution and there continues to be exceedances of legal limits for air quality in Edinburgh city centre. The Scheme aims to improve air quality to ensure compliance with the Scottish Government’s air quality objectives, particularly for nitrogen dioxide (NO2); and
  • Air pollution and poor air quality damages public health and the health of all individuals exposed to it. Air pollution is particularly harmful to the young, older people and those with pre-existing health conditions, including asthma; and
  • Road traffic is a significant source of harmful emissions that contribute to climate change. The Scheme aims to contribute to reductions in harmful emissions to ensure compliance with the Scottish Government’s climate change objectives, particularly for carbon dioxide (CO2).

 A full Statement of Reasons has been published, for why the Scheme is needed in Edinburgh.

Details of the Scheme, as approved, can be viewed:

Online at: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/lez and

In person at:  the City Chambers reception, 253 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ, Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Fridays between 09:00 and 15:00. Please call 0131 529 6698 beforehand, to arrange an appointment or request accessible copies of documentation.