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Coach Parking on Park Lane

Coach parking to be reinstated on Park Lane.

TfL introduced a new road scheme on Park Lane, including the removal of coach parking, as an emergency response to the coronavirus.

In response to feedback TfL are planning the following changes to their scheme, with construction due to start in the coming months.

  • New bus lane between Hyde Park Corner and South Carriage Drive, which will replace the loss of the right lane
  • Reinstate coach parking between the cycle lane and the bus lane between Curzon Gate and Grosvenor Gate
  • The pedestrian crossing at Stanhope gate will be converted to a toucan crossing, which can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists.  The new crossing will allow cyclists to continue their journeys to/from Mayfair
  • Relaying the pavement surfacing around the back of the car park where cyclists are directed
  • Signage to be provided to direct cyclists along the route

TfL will continue to monitor the scheme with consultation taking place in the summer. Full details can be seen on the TfL website.